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Fashion at the Opera: What to Wear For an Evening at the Opera

Fashion at the Opera: What to Wear For an Evening at the Opera While a night at the opera can be seen as something that only a small percentage of the upper echelon can enjoy, millennials are beginning to come back into experiencing this timeless art form. Affordable ways for millennials to enjoy a gorgeous night of classic arias and theater are available in many different forms. At Chicago’s Lyric Opera’s NEXT program and the Lyric Young Professional program, you can live like royalty at affordable prices. But what could one wear to an evening out at the opera? In honor of Cinderella (Cendrillon) being performed at Lyric Opera for the month of January, we have put together a few...

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Our 5 New Year's Fashion Resolutions

As scenic imagery of skylines or artistic black and white selfies get captioned with words like “New Year, New Me” while we edge closer to the New Year, it is only right that we begin to think about resolutions. Whether 2018 was a good year for you or a bit less than spectacular, we all hope that we can leap into 2019 with goals and aspirations that will improve our mind, body, and spirits. While most turn to vowing to stick to the latest fancy-sounding diet or buying a new $1,000 StairMaster to improve their fitness regime, another way to bounce into the New Year with some positive changes is to follow some fashion resolutions. We have compiled a list...

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How To Make Your Space A Cozy Haven

How to Make Your Space a Cozy Haven Home is where the heart is, so it is important to make your little nest as comfortable and inviting as possible. Whether you are in a dorm room or decorating your very first house, you will want to incorporate just the right amount of love to keep a positive energy buzzing in the safe haven that you can always count on. Coming home from a long stressful day and lighting a few scented candles can make all of the difference in making your day a little better. Below are a few tips in how to make the most of your sacred space and make it as cozy as ever.   Encourage meditative...

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