Year in Rewind: Fashion Trends We Loved in 2018

While each year brings us the good, the bad, and the ugly for fashion, fashionistas can almost collectively agree that 2018 brought us a solid year of memorable trends, prominent influencers, and standout moments. We saw the return of some eras and the introduction of some new ones, but there were definitely some notable takeaways from 2018. 

Over-sized Everything

Wearing a sweater that is a size too big is seen as the norm, but in 2018 people have been nearly drowning in mountains of fabric with some of these over-sized pieces. Designers like Rick Owens and RAF Simons have been featuring domineering and bulky silhouettes with extra long trench coats, massive sweaters, and extra long shirts. The over-sized trend reached meme status when model and influencer, Kendall Jenner, donned a huge over-sized red puffer jacket during a photo shoot. As we push into winter we see that we are continuing to get lost among the fabric with large sweaters and shirts to keep us warm in the frigid weather.

What a Mesh

For those who were around, we know how big mesh was in the 80's. Neon mesh t-shirts were matched with neon undershirts or tulle skirts to make for what some considered a regrettably tacky look. In 2018, mesh made a big return, but traded in the neon colors for muted earth tones or monochrome color schemes. Billowing and feminine silhouettes made their way onto dresses or skirts with classic cuts. These mesh looks were especially popular during festival seasons, making their ways onto a slew of celebrities during Coachella.

Denim Overload

Denim on denim hasn't made such huge headlines since Britney Spears'/Justin Timberlake's infamous VMAs look. However, in 2018 we saw denim on denim make its way back to the runways. Pairing a medium wash denim jacket with light wash bottoms was seen a lot this year and made for a chic matching yet contrasting aesthetic.

Enter the Matrix: Tiny Cyber Punk Sunglasses

2018 was all about the accessories, but the most prominent was the vintage tiny cyberpunk sunglasses. Whether they were cat eye, oval or square, the tiny sunglasses automatically turned any outfit from casual to couture. Seen on icons like Aaliyah and Lisa Bonet, this shrunken sunglasses visual was made popular from the Matrix trilogy. Bella Hadid, Rihanna, and more celebrities began to wear them throughout the year before the trend exploded into the mainstream.

Designer Sneakers

A few decades ago, no one could have imagined we would pay over $400 for sneakers, but alas here we are. As people camp in lines and wait for alerts on the latest exclusive colorways for brands like Yeezy or Balenciaga, it has become evident in 2018 just how important sneakers are as a major outfit focal point.


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