Our 5 New Year's Fashion Resolutions

As scenic imagery of skylines or artistic black and white selfies get captioned with words like “New Year, New Me” while we edge closer to the New Year, it is only right that we begin to think about resolutions. Whether 2018 was a good year for you or a bit less than spectacular, we all hope that we can leap into 2019 with goals and aspirations that will improve our mind, body, and spirits. While most turn to vowing to stick to the latest fancy-sounding diet or buying a new $1,000 StairMaster to improve their fitness regime, another way to bounce into the New Year with some positive changes is to follow some fashion resolutions. We have compiled a list of five resolutions that all who want to reinvent their personal aesthetic can follow.

1. I will wear more color

Sparkle Cami

Those of us who enjoy matching our black leggings with black sweaters and black boots can tend to fall in a never-ending black void of dark or neutral clothing. Adding a pop of color can bring out features you never knew you had like those small brown flecks in your eyes or the reddish hue in your skin.

2. I will take more fashion risks

Wearing those rainbow platforms to the office party can be seen as too much of a risk, but in 2019 we vow to go against the grain and take the fashion risks that we have always wanted to. Wear those cowboy boots that you have always had your eye on with pride and even start some new trends!

3. I will accessorize like there is no tomorrow

Sometimes we only think to accessorize on special occasions, however, accessories are a fun way to jazz up a dull outfit on any normal day. Stack up with multiple rings and bracelets. Find a nice go-to statement piece necklace to add that much-needed exclamation point that your clothes might need.

4. I will treat myself to a new outfit

Start off the New Year right by getting yourself a new outfit that will represent new beginnings and a personal reinvention. Head to Havlan & West and find a new blouse or pants, and even some shoes to go with it and step into the New Year with a new outfit, and outlook on life. Can't make it into the store?  Havlan & West will come to you in a SNAP! Click here for more details.

5. Hone in on your own personal style

Some mistake having a personal style for having to be the most conscious fashionista, however, personal style just simply means your own vision that reflects who you are as a person. If you enjoy over-sized sweaters and leggings then that is your personal style. Find out what it is and sharpen it a bit, so you can represent yourself to the world better than ever.

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