Fashion at the Opera: What to Wear For an Evening at the Opera

Fashion at the Opera: What to Wear For an Evening at the Opera

While a night at the opera can be seen as something that only a small percentage of the upper echelon can enjoy, millennials are beginning to come back into experiencing this timeless art form. Affordable ways for millennials to enjoy a gorgeous night of classic arias and theater are available in many different forms. At Chicago’s Lyric Opera’s NEXT program and the Lyric Young Professional program, you can live like royalty at affordable prices. But what could one wear to an evening out at the opera? In honor of Cinderella (Cendrillon) being performed at Lyric Opera for the month of January, we have put together a few ideas on how you can bring a sense of trend to the opera house.

When it comes to the opera you might want to go for some work wear that can translate into evening wear if you happen to be going on a night where you just got off of work. Past generations would wear their best gowns and jewels to the opera, but these days there is a slightly more casual element to it. One gorgeous work wear into evening wear piece that you can find at Havlan & West is the Alvie Dress, which is a comfortably chic sweater dress that can be accessorized perfectly to give it enough of an elegant flair to be appropriate for the opera.

If you want to look a little more evening-ready then you can opt for the sheer Ellen Dress that features a beautiful high neckline and a short hem to show just enough leg. Both dresses can be paired with short booties to complete either look for the night.

You don’t want to carry around a huge shoulder bag, so consolidate all of your items by only bringing your money cards, keys, and other small items to fit in our gorgeous Leather Wallet from Will Leather Goods. You can get the black one to match the Alvie Dress or a brown one to add a little pop off contrasting color.

Now that you have an idea of what you can wear to your special night out at the opera, don’t forget to go see Cinderella (Cendrillon) at Lyric Opera up until Jan. 20th.


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